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Canet de Mar estudiantes en una piscina en Canet de Mar Canet de Mar estudiantes en una piscina  

Cataluña is situated in the North-east of Spain. The landscape is varied; the Pyrenees mountains to the north, vast plains in the centre and long , white sandy beaches dotted with tiny secluded coves along the coastline. The Mediterranean climate gives an average summer temperature of 25°C and around 300 days of sunshine a year.

Barcelona itself offers a wide range of cultural activities, including theatres, exhibitions and concerts....Regarded as one of the most influential and modern cities in Spain, the city has produced some of the finest modernist artists in the world, such as Gaudí and Doménech i Montaner.

Canet is situated on the Mediterranean coast about 40km north of Barcelona. It is a small, tranquil town and with a population of only 10,000 inhabitants and very little tourism it has all the special charm of a small coastal town.

The town boasts some magnificent beaches which can be appreciated with a walk along the lovely sea-front promenade.

Canet is the ideal location for a quiet stay where even in summer you can find uncrowded beaches! However, a 45-minute train ride into the centre of Barcelona means you can really benefit from the best of both worlds.

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